Serena is determined to continue her Italian style Heritage and family tradition of tailored clothing and bring this traditional way of Italian living to her clients. Serena believes that every outfit should be unique and should reflect your personality. The aim is to introduce women, like Serena who have busy lives and are career focused to enjoy the authentic Italian Sartorial; a true measure of elegance and class to re-define your femininity.

Serena also offer a lifestyle concept based on confidence in your personal style. Inspired to educate professional women on what to wear, choosing the right fabric and the style for the occasion. With your unique garment, you will build more confidence with every stitch, knowing where your garments have come from and the personal feeling you get from wearing them. Serena is extremely passionate about women femininity and wants to inspire you to complement the uniqueness of the female form.

Welcome to the exclusive community of working women

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