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About Serena Sartorial

Serena Sartorial, born from the passion of Italian craftsmanship and its origins. Aspiring to bring the tradition of Italian Sartorial into the world, genuine craftsmanship evolving professional garments into an elegant lifestyle. Inspired by old icons with incredible sense of style, women who came to define independent strength, determination and power.

How it works

In the first consultation, we discuss your style preference and design your garment, followed by taking your measuring. You will be choosing from a range of authentic Italian and British fabrics sourced from Loro Piana, Cerruti, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil and Dugdale Bros & Co in a vast selection of colours and patterns. 


Tailored to your requirements and personal taste, the fine and traditional Italian Sartorial from cutting to ironing phases ensure a piece that adapts to your body's physique and fit.


Bespoke is the ultimate clothing experience creating garments from your body measurements and individual patterns giving life to unique pieces that communicate elegance and exclusivity. 


Each garment is the hand-crafted in Italy. From cutting to stitching phase, every garment needs around 60hours of hand work. The result is an impeccable marriage of heritage and finest Italian tailoring. 

Private Fittings

To achieve a perfect fit and natural silhouette your garment requires various fittings during its creation, thus taking between 4-5 weeks for your first fitting service and between 8-10 weeks for the finished garment.


Cucito a mano

Bespoke Shirts

Each shirt takes 32 hours to make, using 23 to 24 invisible hand stitches per inch more than any other shirt you can purchase. Luxurious 3.5mm mother of pearl buttons features as standards, sourced from the finest Australian oyster shells, cross-stitched to the body and inserted into 120 stitches per inch buttonholes. To maintain their shape, color and crease shirts are sourced from only the finest cloth merchants. These include Thomas Mason, Tessitura Monti Albini Group and Canclini. 

Bespoke Suits

We create exclusive handmade garments to perfection for business, occasions such as weddings or casual elegance, from scratch to ensure a perfect fit and confidence. Occasionally we have the joy of making a one-off vintage style dress inspired by old Icons. Happy to discuss the various options with you.

At the place of your convenience

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